Resources are listed below in the order of most commonly asked questions first.

Farmers Markets in NH, a Legal Guide

A comprehensive legal guide published in 2017 from a team of NH lawyers and agricultural experts.  Scroll down to page 129 for a complete look at legal aspects and best practices for farmers markets in NH.


How to implement the doubling of SNAP transactions at your market:

Granite State Market Match Program

How to manage food safety at your market, identifying food violations and how to correct them

Farmers Market Food Safety Certification Program

A series of training videos on how vendors should be handling food at farmers markets developed by UNH Cooperative Extension.   ​​ ​


Marketing Tool: Selling Successfully at a Farmers Market, UNH Coop Ext

A comprehensive publication put together for market managers and vendors; a must read.

Regulatory Tool: Selling Agricultural Commodities at Farmers Markets in New Hampshire

Information Provided by: Division of Regulatory Services & Division of Weights & Measures


Public Service TV Announcement For Use in Your Community

Utilize the NHFMA Public Service Announcement on Your Local TV Station


NH Agricultural Mediation Program

New Hampshire Made

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

EBT/Snap Food Stamp Programs for Farmers Markets

NH Weights & Measures Information

Farmers Market Coalition resource library

New Hampshire DHHS List of Self Inspecting Towns

This list shows which cities and towns in NH have their own rules, inspectors and set of protocols that farmers markets must follow.  All other towns (non self-inspecting towns) are governed by state laws.

Things to Think About When Starting a NH Farmers Market


Direct links to state laws and definitions to utilize and reference in the development of your market.  Do you have a vendor who wants to bring corn from a neighboring state?  Do you want to start a new market in your area?  Getting questioned about the sale of raw milk at your market?  Read these laws in black and white and share them with your boards.  

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The State of New Hampshire's legal definition of a farmers market:

“The term "farmers' market" means an event or series of events at which 2 or more vendors of agricultural commodities gather for purposes of offering for sale such commodities to the public. Commodities offered for sale must include, but are not limited to, products of agriculture, as defined in paragraphs I-IV. "Farmers' market" shall not include any event held upon any premises owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by any individual vendor selling therein."

See RSA 21:34-a

The State of New Hampshire Law Regarding Use of Words "Native," "Local," and "Our Own"

RSA 426:5

The State of New Hampshire's Alcohol Sampling Law at farmers markets:

Alcohol samples at a Farmers Market: RSA 178:8 (scroll down to 178:8) 

The State of New Hampshire's general agricultural definitions:

RSAs: Click here for a compilation of RSAs that are germane to NH farmers markets. For a list of rules and laws that pertain to agriculture, in general, go to the NHDAMF web site.

The State of New Hampshire's Inspection & Sale of Dairy Products law:

RSA 184 which talks about raw milk which is legal for sale in New Hampshire.   

The Granite State Farm to Plate Food Policy and Principles.


The Department of Health & Human Service's Food Safety & Licensing Links:



NH DHHS food service application and licensing procedures. ​


For information on processing and/or manufacturing food in residential (home) kitchens, read about the Homestead License. ​


For information on commercial kitchens, click here.

Secretary of State: Corporate Laws & Forms

Registering a non-profit - Forms are available on the Secretary of State's web site.

Trade Name Applications – check to see if the business name you would like to use is available at The Secretary of State's business name look-up site. Find out how to register a Trade Name.

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